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Course Descriptions
One Logos Theological Seminary is expanding its breadth of biblical, ministry training, and faith-based elective courses. The curriculum is in continual development with essential feedback from OLTS faculty, local pastors, missionaries and theologians to equip students with a solid foundation of Scripture, while also challenging them to develop character skills through workshops and hands-on training experiences.

Theology Courses

BIB 101 – “Introduction to Biblical Foundations”

Designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and basics of the Bible. BIB 101 serves to give an overview of the composition and structure of Scripture, as well as clear reasoning for the Christian faith. Students will learn Biblical foundations through its origin and historical significance of Biblical events. Students will be introduced to recurring themes and typological significance. Students will also gain a renewed emphasis on the importance of the Holy Scriptures in a life of religion and faith.

BIB 103 – “Analysis of the Bible”

Designed to establish a deeper foundation of Scripture by examining moral and prophetic contents within the canonized manuscript. Lessons plans are focused on recognizing correlations across the Old and New Testaments, and the overall progression of characters throughout the eras of the Bible. Students will gain a more holistic understanding of God’s divine purpose and be able to explain how Biblical passages are applicable in the present day.

INTP 250 – “Biblical Interpretation”

Designed to provide students with the skills and resources to interpret and understand advanced Biblical language. Lesson plans include the exegesis of Scriptures, connecting thematic links from Genesis to Revelation, and their relevance to modern life. Students will learn to interpret scriptures topically and derive the ultimate purpose of God through a closer reading of Biblical texts. Students will study different motifs presented in the Bible and be able to explain their theological meaning.

HST 250 – “Advanced History of the Bible”

Designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the Bible as a historical text. Lesson plans focus on the Bible’s chronological events across its 66 books, as well as evidence of divine inspiration. Students will expand upon existing knowledge of recurring themes in Holy Scriptures and their typological significance in order to further theological studies.

Ministry Training Courses

PBSP 100 – “Public Speaking”

Focuses on preparation, delivery, and execution of informative and persuasive public speaking on content from the Bible. Upon completion, students will be able to formulate well-organized speeches and confidently participate in group discussions. Students will also be able to demonstrate speaking, listening, and interpersonal skills necessary to be effective communicators, extending to academic, workplace, and community settings.

EVG 101 – “Gospel Outreach & Evangelism”

Trains students with practical strategies and hands-on field skills for evangelism to both nonbelievers and lukewarm believers. Students will learn and practice a variety of approach methods, conversation topics, and networking resources, as well as gain instruction and experience on evangelism within spheres of friends, family, and new acquaintances. By the time the course is complete, students will demonstrate the capability to evangelize in a variety of settings.

RELG 103 – “Comparative Religions Studies”

Offers students an in-depth perspective into other religions and the comparisons/contrasts between respective scriptures and the Holy Bible. Students will understand the basic tenets of each religion and how one can defend a trustworthy religion with gentleness and respect.

Faith-Based Elective Courses

CULTR 100 – “Cultural Languages & the Bible”

Teaches students effective methods for both written and oral translation used in Biblical ministry across different languages. Current language immersion programs include Spanish and Vietnamese.

MMD 100 – “Inspired Multimedia”

Equips students with the technical and expressive skills to portray the Christian faith through multimedia as well as execution in Christian ministries and services. Students will learn core principles in the areas of photography, video, and graphic design, and will have the opportunity to grow inspired artistic skills through an interactive experience.

WOR 100 – “Worship & Prayer”

Helps students build a foundation in Christian worship and prayer and their Biblical roles in ministry. Students will gain the tools and skills necessary in order to plan and properly execute worship events and seminars. Students will also be provided with opportunities in instructional training in the areas of singing, choir, instruments, and more.

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