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Course Descriptions


BIB 101 - “Introduction to Biblical Foundations”

To understand God’s divine purpose throughout the Bible, as well as Biblical structure, composition, and continuity of the Bible, and the cornerstones of Christian faith.


BIB 103 - “Analysis of the Bible”

To understand modern day relevance behind the historical, moral, and prophetic contents within the canonized manuscript, the correlations between both Old and New Testaments, and the progression of characters throughout eras.


INTP 250 - “Biblical Interpretation”

To understand eschatological implications from Genesis to Revelation and their relevance to modern life, as well as build the skill to interpret advanced Biblical language (hermeneutics).


HST 250 - “Advanced History of the Bible”

To understand the Bible’s structure of chronological events and their divine inspiration in the Word of God, as well as a more critical look at historical events and the evolution of Christianity and their impact on the modern-day Church.


REV 250 - “Theological Unraveling of Revelation and the End of Age”

Applying the understandings from INTP250 & HST250, this course will provide an in-depth study of the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament. The course will explore the historical and theological contexts of all 22 chapters and its relevance for contemporary thought and practice. It will analyze key themes and motifs, with emphasis on interpreting the various symbols and imagery of the book.

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