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College graduate in graduation robes looking away
MARCH 21, 2023
Five Reasons Pastors Should Go Back for Their Master of Theology
"There are several benefits for pastors who choose to go back to theology school after leading a church for some time. Why go back to theology school after leading a church for some time? Here’s five reasons why considering a master’s or even a second master’s degree in theology could be just what you and your church need."

Past Articles

A priest reading the Bible and leading a church service
MARCH 21, 2023

Six Tips to Leading Ministry

"Leading a ministry is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Whether it's leading your church, youth group, or service outreach program, there are some effective tips to be a successful leader. Here are six tips on how to lead ministry:"
Studying the Bible and taking notes
MARCH 20, 2023

Three Ways a Master of Theology Degree will Benefit Your Ministry

"As servants of God we rely on the spirit to guide us, but there’s also no substitute for hard work and preparation. For a church leader this means having a deep and clear understanding of the scriptures in order to apply the word of God in a meaningful way to the lives of those you are entrusted with."

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